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Take a Chance with Lady Luck by Entering Win-a-Car Contests and Sweepstakes

Today you drive to work in your daily driver.  Tomorrow, you roll up in a brand new 2012 luxury vehicle…and all you had to do was click “Enter Contest” and fill out an entry form a few days ago!  That’s it, it’s that simple. You enter a contest to win a car online, you give yourself the opportunity to win, and you just might be the lucky winner of a new car—all for free.

At UltraContest.com, we provide you with the best opportunities to take home a new car without spending a dollar.  You register for free.  You search a wide range of car contests all in one place for free.  Then you enter the contest for free.  We personally review and upload each sweepstakes and contest to make sure it is worth your time.  Not only that, we give you tools to help you win.

With our signature Entry Tracker, a cutting-edge sweepstakes entry tracking system, you can keep your contest entries organized and even be informed when you are eligible to re-enter a contest.  You’ll find that a number of win-a-car contests allow multiple entries but sometimes there is a restriction as to how often.  With this tracking system you’ll know exactly when you can enter, how often you can enter, and when the contest deadline is.  We offer the thrill of winning at zero risk and provide you with tools to help you win at zero cost.

At one time or another, many of us have had to deal with a clunker; a car that we just prayed would make it to where we were going.  When you drop the kids off at school, go to work, take the kids to soccer practice, and rush home to make dinner, you really can’t afford to breakdown.  Unfortunately, many of us also can’t afford a new car payment.  UltraContest.com offers you a way out with absolutely no risk!  With the click of a button you’re in the running for a brand new car that may change your life!  Maybe it’s your time to share a dance with lady luck.  Membership is free- register today!