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UltraContest.com As Seen In Woman’s World Magazine – Winning Car Contests

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UltraContest.com is proudly featured in a “Winning Car Contests” article in the November 29th issue of Woman’s World Magazine, available on newsstands now! Our company’s focus on a user-friendly site experience, high quality sweepstakes content, and exceptional customer service have quickly made us an industry leader in online sweepstakes and contests.  In addition, we offer “Entry Tracker,” UltraContest.com’s signature sweepstakes entry tracking functionality that is designed to maximize your winning potential.  Check out our impressive listing of Car Contests, Instant Win Sweepstakes, Wedding Contests, and more!

Visit today and see why so many have joined the UltraContest.com Sweepstakes Revolution!


Win A Car Contests and Sweepstakes


Excerpt from Woman’s World Magazine:

Drive Away With A New Car!

What’s the most popular sweepstakes prize right now? It’s a brand-new car, says online contest pro Jamie Griswold, who tracks contest entries on her website, UltraContest.com. Here, discover how you can win one!

Find Car Contests The Easy Way!

You won’t find a contest on a auto company’s homepage says Griswold. “They want you to buy a car, so you’ll have to click through the site before reaching the giveaway.” Instead, visit sites like ContestBee.com and UltraContest.com  for car sweepstakes in one place.

Boost Your Odds Instantly!

General Motors and Ford – who represent  more than one-third of the U.S. car market – often offer big contests, but they also draw in more entries, says Griswold. Instead, focus on giveaways by manufacturers with a tinier share of the market – like Subaru with 2% or Kia with 4%. They spend less on marketing and therefore have fewer entries!

Earn Bonus Entries!

More car sweepstakes let you earn bonus entries by “liking” a contest on Facebook or Tweeting about it! Companies want to encourage you to help increase their presence on social media.

Worried About Paying Taxes On Your New Car?

Don’t be! Many sponsors will now estimate those taxes and give you money to cover the amount. Find out by checking the rules before you enter.





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  1. Just wanted to say thank you to Ultracontest. I actually one a Fiat from San Pellegrino’s contest that ended on 12/31/12. I’m waiting to get the rest of the information now! :)

  2. Very useful message

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