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Vacation Sweepstakes – Your Ticket To Travel The World

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Win Vacation Sweepstakes

Going on vacation is one of life’s finest luxuries! In these economic times, people have to save longer than ever to make it financially feasible to go on vacation. For this reason, more and more people are trying their luck and entering free vacation sweepstakes. This can be a fun and exciting way to test your luck while providing the opportunity to win the vacation of your dreams!

Many vacation sweepstakes prizes include all-expense paid trips to an exciting destination. These locations range from tropical islands to European hot-spots and many other sought-after vacation destinations. In our years of researching the internet’s best sweepstakes, we have seen prizes that include: space voyages, sailing the Caribbean in your own private yacht, Icelandic adventures to the Blue Lagoon, deep sea diving in Australia, culinary tours through Italy, and much more. The list is endless! Winning a vacation sweepstakes would provide the opportunity to take the luxury vacation you have always dreamed of but could not afford based on the high cost of such an extravagant trip.

Most vacation prizes are designed to give you a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. Prizes often include airfare, deluxe hotel accommodations, meals, activities, spending money, and other amenities. With vacation expenses covered, you are given the opportunity to have the relaxing vacation you always wanted without the usual financial stressors. Your only requirement is to sit back, relax, and order another refreshing drink by the pool!

Entering a sweepstakes is usually as simple as filling out an online sweepstakes entry form. Each sweepstakes provides guidelines as to eligibility requirements and how many entries are allowed. Often, daily or multiple entries are accepted which can increase your odds of winning. Someone is going to win the ultimate vacation and by entering, it very well could be you!

UltraContest.com features the internet’s best vacation sweepstakes in one convenient location – so if you long to be globe-trotting and jet-setting without putting a hole in your wallet, start entering vacation sweepstakes today. We wish you good luck & good health in 2014!

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  1. I love this site! It makes entering and tracking my entries easy. The color coding is excellent! This way I just look for the green for go and it saves me a lot of time. :)


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